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GLO CDBG-DR 4332 Infrastructure funds

In June of 2019, the City applied for GLO CDBG-DR 4332 Infrastructure funds that would support Hurricane Harvey infrastructure recovery projects within the City.  At that time, the City’s application listed the following projects:


CDBG-DR Project Internal Project #
Coopers Gully Channel (Phase 2) CDBG-DR 4332-1
West Side Water Distribution CDBG-DR 4332-2
Fire Protection Equip – HC Pumper CDBG-DR 4332-3
Fire Protection Equip – HC SAR Vehicles CDBG-DR 4332-4
FM 105 Box Culverts CDBG-DR 4332-5
Turrett Water Storage Tank CDBG-DR 4332-6
Meeks Water Storage Tank CDBG-DR 4332-7
Fire Protection Facilities – Old Station #3 CDBG-DR 4332-8
CDBG LMI Acquisition CDBG-DR 4332-9


After reviews from the GLO, we have determined it is the best interest of the City to remove the Fire Protection Facility project 4332-8 from the application. This was a storm rehabilitation project for old fire station 3.  These funds are to be shifted to the West Side Water Distribution Project 4332-2. 


In accordance with the City’s Action Plan this change is being submitted for public review for the required fourteen (14) days.


  2. The City/ORHC shall amend its Annual Action Plan whenever a substantial change occurs in activities.
  3. Substantial change to the Action Plan shall be defined as elimination of an activity; addition of an activity not previously included; revision of an activity, which will drastically change the purpose, scope, location or beneficiaries; or a change in the project cost by 50% or more.